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The Wise Children Club

The Wise Children Club is our community: a growing group of allies who support our work and share our vision. Right now, as we face uncertain and difficult times, we need the Club more than ever!

Members receive exclusive insights into our work, opportunities to talk to Emma and the rest of the Wise Children team, discounts and priority booking at our new home The Lucky Chance, among many other benefits. 

But joining the Wise Children Club is also about so much more than 



WC_School 1.jpg

Our dream is that Club members become our ambassadors both online and in public. They spread the word, bring their friends and look for opportunities for Wise Children to grow as a creative force for good. 

Read on for a breakdown of each membership level and click below to join or access your member account. 

Become a SEED, for £25 a year


  • Quarterly video messages from Emma

  • Annual virtual meet up event with the Wise Children team

  • Priority booking for our shows at The Lucky Chance

  • Exclusive limited edition badge entitling you to 10% off at The Lucky Chance bar


Be a SPROUT, for £100 a year

Benefit from all of the above plus…

  • Exclusive bi-annual insights into new work we’re planning


Turn into a SPRIG, for £500 a year

Benefit from all of the above plus…

  • Exclusive invitations to the School for Wise Children performances at The Lucky Chance

  • Your support acknowledged on our website


Grow into a SAPLING, for £1000 a year

Benefit from all of the above plus…

  • Invitations to join us for Guest Nights at The Lucky Chance, with the opportunity to meet cast and creatives

  • Exclusive invitations to ‘work-in-progress sharings’ of new work at The Lucky Chance

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