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The Wise Children Club

The Wise Children Club is our community: a growing group of allies who support our work and share ideas and dreams. Right now, as we face uncertain and difficult times, we need the Club more than ever!

It costs £10 per year to be a member. 


As a member, you’ll be invited to our annual online Club meet up, where you’ll get a chance to talk to Emma and the rest of the Wise Children team. You’ll also get an exclusive quarterly video message from Emma. 

But joining the Wise Children Club is about so much more than that! Our dream is that Club members become our ambassadors both online and in public. They spread the word, share their own ideas and look for opportunities for Wise Children to grow as a creative force for good. 

You might also be inspired to know that everyone who works for Wise Children (from those who tread the boards to the Board itself) joins the Club and donates to the company. 

Join us here.

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