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What a year! No one could have imagined the extraordinary twists and turns of 2020 and whilst there have been losses here at Wise Children, there have also been some amazing wins!

Who could have imagined that 2020 was the year that I would fall in love with technology? Having devoted my life to the shared human experience, I thought that COVID would call a halt to the thing I held most dear – but no! Technology came to the rescue and Wise Children led the industry as we broadcast live, not one, but two shows. I can honestly say that the first live broadcast of Romantics Anonymous was one of the most exhilarating nights of my entire career. I felt we had conjured joy, employment and community – and all against unimaginable odds. I am now so inspired, excited and liberated by this technology that live broadcast will become an integral part of our touring programme – even when things return to ‘normal’. 

So, here’s the appeal…

We hired all the equipment we used for the broadcasts – the cameras, the cables, etc. If we owned this kit, the potential would be astonishing. Long into the future we could live stream workshops, rehearsals and performances. We’d be able to open up our process and reach people who might not otherwise be able to travel to a theatre. The artistic and access implications make my heart leap with possibility!

Wouldn’t it be exciting to know that the humble SD card you bought us could hold a piece of Wise Children’s archive for posterity? Or the Go Pro you gifted captured an angle of a show that wouldn’t normally be seen? Or to know that your name is on one of the indispensable Black Magic Convertors we need so much?!

Wise Children is a registered charity funded by the Arts Council, but our ambitions outstrip our resources – this year especially. We’re hoping that you, our wonderful supporters, will help us realise our dreams for the future and turn 2020 into the year that changed us for the better.

Love and gratitude,

Emma x

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