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Wise Children Mentees 2024 

Every year, the School for Wise Children works with a theatre company, offering access, mentoring and support for a year as the company makes some kind of step-change.


We are delighted to announce that 2024’s theatre company is Hotter Project. Hotter Project – who are Mary Higgins and Ell Potter – have just been a huge hit at the Edinburgh Festival with The Last Show Before We Die,  a fabulous, ferocious show about sex, gender and identity. 

I am delighted that Wise Children are mentoring Hotter Project. My! What an exciting company this is and what a perfect match for Wise Children. Hotter Project are a dazzling mash up of the visual, personal, daft and profound. Their passion for politics infuses all they do, and their energy, shared vision and naughtiness knocked my socks off. I look forward to a mentoring adventure in which I might learn a few brilliant lessons from these vivid young artists myself! - Emma  


Photograph: Murdo MacLeod/the Guardian

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