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Rather than attending the School for a set amount of time, each student can create their own pathway through it. You will move from one ‘level’ to the next, but you can do it in whatever timeframe works best for you.

The first step is to come to one of our Taster Workshops, free sessions which we run with our partner theatres around the country. Taster workshops give you the chance to meet us and learn about the Wise Children way of working.

If the Wise Children method feels like a good fit for you, you can apply for Module 1: week-long courses in Performing or Technical Theatre.

From there, some students will be invited on to Module 2: a three week course combining performance and technical theatre.

To compliment Modules 1 & 2 we run specialist courses and masterclasses, which are open to anyone who’s completed Module 1. Specialist courses focus on Directing, Composing, Movement, Set, Costume, Sound and Lighting Design, Writing and Stage Management; and our one day Masterclasses include Producing, Marketing, Fundraising, Starting a Company and Freelancing.

And what is it all leading up to? A role on a School for Wise Children show. This is completely different to a regular Wise Children show. It will be staffed by School for Wise Children students and guided by the School for Wise Children team of mentors.

What next? That’s up to you. The School will be there to offer advice and support to our Graduates as your career continues.

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